Juliusz Kruszelnicki




Thank you to all of my collaborators - past and present - without whose assistance my work would not have been possible. Furthermore, I am grateful to the many institutions which enabled my research through funding, equipment, supervision and work space.


Current Research

In collaboration with Prof. Mark Kushner (University of Michigan)

  • Low-temperature, atmospheric pressure discharges in Packed Bed Reactors.

  • Plasma-chemical mechanisms in air discharges.

  • Interactions of plasmas with liquid micro-droplets and aerosols.

  • Synergistic effects between plasma and metallic catalysts in LTP reactors.

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Press Release regarding this work: https://bit.ly/2zVV7zR


Past Research

In collaboration with Prof. James Tulenko (University of Florida)

  • Spark-plasma Sintering manufacturing of uranium dioxide / diamond composite fission fuels.

  • Fuel pellet analysis via x-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, and scanning electron microscopy.

  • Thermal and neutronic performance analysis of composite and annular fuel pellets in fission reactors.

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In collaboration with Prof. James Baciak(University of Florida)

  • Design, prototyping and simulation of Inertial Electrostatic/Magnetic, pulsed confinement system in cylindrical geometry.

  • Optimization of Focus Electrode geometries and energetics of electron injection via a Schwartz-Christoffel ionic pathway and electromagnetic field analysis.

  • Design and simulation of high power systems (Cockcroft–Walton generators and Rayleigh Pulse Forming networks).

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In collaboration with Dr. Eric Trask (Tri Alpha Energy)

  • Modifications of existing plasma ray tracing codes to allow open magnetic flux surface ray trajectories for Reverse Field Confinement fusion reactor.

  • Maximization intra-separatrix power deposition via Electron Bernstein Wave coupling mechanisms.

  • Design and construction of ultra high vacuum systems.

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In collaboration with Dr. Dan Dickerell (Oculus Research)

  • Computational tools for analysis of medical retinal imaging aimed at vasculature analysis and early illness detection.

In collaboration with Dr. Bruce Letellier (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

  • Risk analysis of South Texas Nuclear Plant’s spray/sump filtration systems via micro and macro structure deposit and hydraulic interaction analysis.

  • Hydraulic sequences for the plant’s limiting conditions of the sump and spray system, the filtration system flow, and the spray system cooling capacities.

  • Kinematic characterization of explosives-propelled shrapnel via computational x-ray imaging analysis and synthetic radiography.

  • 3-D object identification, elemental density assessment, and trajectory and kinetic energy calculations from down-range 2-D images.

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